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Junk Budz is the team you can trust for fast and safe light demolition services! Our experienced staff will treat you right.

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Junk Budz has a team you can trust when it comes to light demolition services! We are experienced in tearing down a wide variety of structures, and we always do it the full-service way.

  • Leave it all to us! We’ll make a plan, then tear your structure down piece by piece.
  • Once the demo is finished, we’ll gather all the scraps and pieces.
  • Above all, we’ll haul all the debris away for proper recycling or disposal.


Is it time to replace your old deck? We’ll give you a head start by tearing down the old one, leaving you with a blank canvas.


When your fence needs an upgrade, get rid of the old one the easy way! In fact, we tear down wood, chain link, vinyl, and other types of fences.

Hot Tubs

We take hot tubs, spas, jacuzzis, and more! All you need to do is drain and disconnect the hot tub, then let us handle the rest.


Playsets are fun while they last. But, when the kids are all grown up, it’s time to make use of that space! Junk Budz can clear the way.


A leaky roof or broken door can make your old shed a hazard. We can tear down your unwanted shed and clear out the junk in it, too!

And More!

When you call Junk Budz, you get the full-service treatment for an honest price. Call us with all your light demolition projects today!


When it comes to tough jobs like light demo, wouldn’t you rather leave it to an expert? Junk Budz takes out all the guesswork, making it easy to complete your project. Besides, you’re in great hands with our trained and experienced team of contractors, and we’ll go above and beyond by cleaning up every bit of debris.

With service hours 7 days a week, there’s always an appointment to fit your schedule–even the same or next day! In fact, to get started, book online or call 951-866-4546 to talk to a demo pro today.


Call us at 951-866-4546 or email us at [email protected] for your instant services quote today!

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