Garage Cleanout Services

Junk Budz is your preferred garage cleanout services company with years of experience.

Full-Service Garage Cleanout Services

At Junk Budz, we understand the importance of a clean garage. We have a team of dedicated experts offering garage cleanout services on short notice.

Why our Garage Cleanouts Services?

“Is there someone that can clean out my garage?” is the most common query asked by people with piled-up garages. If you’re among people asking this question, Junk Budz is your answer. With years of experience handling such tasks, you should only expect premium services from our end.

Garage Cleanouts Cost

Junk Budz understands that times are hard, and we do our best to consider our clients’ finances. As such, we won’t overcharge you to clean out your garage. You’ll pay per the weight of the junk and not the size. We will also provide you with a free quote to know how much you’ll pay for the entire project.


  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Older clothes and shoes
  • Music equipment
  • Toys
  • And More!

Service Areas

We have offices in the following regions:




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